Friday, November 16, 2012

Inspirational Card Deck Swap Hosted by Jessica Brogan!

Jessica Brogan is an amazing Artist. She has started the Inspirational Deck Swap. The most amazing swap and so much fun!  I enjoyed making my Inspirational Card Deck so much that I have a hard time letting them go. Each one although they looked similar had their own little neat color combinations and stamp marks. Each quote was hand picked by me for inspiration on many levels. So take a peek...

52 Cards!
We send our 52 cards to Jessica and she divides them up between us and gives us back a deck of 51 cards of other Artists and 1 of our own. So cool! I can't wait to see what comes back!


These two show the stamp I used in the paint, I like how it turned out!

Look at them all! Wow that's a lot.

I am addicted!!!

I want to do it with everyone. I asked my family full of Artists if we could do this instead of gifts for the Holidays. I didn't get such a good response from them, but I still want to do it. I think I would not make so many though, maybe 8 or 9. How can you get your family involved in your art? Or maybe if they aren't interested in doing them you can make them as a gift with quotes you know they like. I think Jessica has come up with a great swap! I hope it goes on every year. Here you can check out Donna from Gentle Threads Card Deck! I love the way she painted her's!!!!

Have an inspirational day!


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