Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gratitude Blog Hop

Me in  my shop
 Well this is the month to have gratitude and so my fellow flyers have come up with this blog hop. I hope you come away feeling more grateful for what you have and enjoy the other fellow Artists posts. 

What am I grateful for?

My Shop
The shop window

   Of course I would not be able to have the shop without...

 My Husband.
My Husband
   He has supported me in all my creative en devours. I am so happy to have support in my art. He let my Daughter and her friend paint him, what a sport!

My Creativity
Drawing cut up for ATCs

   I would not have this without my... 

Artistic Family
My Son and Daughter
They are both very talented in art, I learn from them all the time.
My Dad
He is an Art Professor and knows many techniques and so creative.
My Mom
She does doodles, paints and is creative.
My Sister
She makes jewelry, and makes many other crafts including amazing cake and party decorations.

My grateful doodle

I am also grateful for having a meditation practice, all my family and friends, teaching.

All the things I take for granted but shouldn't like my health, life, working limbs (once I broke my thumb and realized how much I needed it), money, shelter, clothes, shoes, food, water, air, a positive mind, compassion and being able to give, and so much more! 

It seems unless we have lived without or had someone tell us what it's like to live without we don't really know what it's like to not have water, food etc. Are there things in your life you could look for that you take for granted? What are you grateful for? I encourage everyone to help those in need any way you can.   (Prayer, food, money, shelter, clothes etc.) I like the Toms Shoes idea of making a product and giving a product. What can you do to help?

So, lets see what Suzanne McRae has to say about being grateful hop......




  1. OOOO... love your gratitude doodle. Think I will do that today.

    1. Doodles are fun! I especially like this one a cup full of gratitude :)

  2. what a great creative family. How fun to be able to share it like that. Thank you for a great peak into your world Chandra ♥

    1. Thanks for visiting :) and your welcome. Have you received your bracelet yet? I sent it out on Saturday. It should come soon!

  3. Thank you for the reminder to be grateful for the little things. This is such a sweet post. Your family looks like a wonderful, creative bunch! So fun!

  4. What a wonderful family to be a part of!

  5. Lovely family. Love your gratitude doodle. I also love doing that to help me remember all that is in my life for which I am so grateful. Love the picture of your father drawing on the side-walk. :)

  6. This made me SMILE :) Thank you for sharing!!!

  7. What a lovely artistic family you have Chandra. I love your gratitude doodle and may have to try that for myself.

  8. Hi Chandra! Last month was a bit packed and I didn't take the time to comment on everyone's posts in the circle, but I'm reading it all again today before we post the new one! You are so blessed to have a creative family, and hooray for supportive husbands!