Friday, November 16, 2012

Berries and Leaves I made!

I decided it was time for a challenge! I am a member of Artisan Whimsy a creative bead chat. I am up for the challenge. I love berries and leaves. I have some beautiful beads that I thought looked like berries so I wired them together. I could not stop making berries! Here they are... 

This was my first attempt, I love the color of these beads!

It turned into an interesting necklace!
I love the heart on top of the bale and the cork screw wire.
It looks a lot like grapes instead of berries. What do you think? I like the bright colors.
My second attempt turned out crazy, abstract and weird. I thought I'd try something new, it turned out different for sure!

Those are supposed to be leaves but  I think they look more like wings.
 My favorite berry is Blackberries! So I decided I'd make some with my lovely garnets. They look yummy, don't you think? Maybe these look a little like grapes as well...

I was thinking about berries and birds came to mind. I had bought this metal bird loop a while back so I made little black berries dangling from below. 

I added green leaves and blue beads for the sky.
Now what do I enter into the challenge? 
Come check it out and see what other jewelry Artists have made.

Have a berry nice day!


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