Thursday, November 8, 2012

How Grateful Are You?

In the world today we have to have compassion for everyone we see, there is so much disaster. With the natural disasters, bombings,and wars, the suffering is large. We have to be grateful for all we have. This above quote let's us know we have more than we know. Let's take things into perspective and look at the big picture. What are you grateful for?

In the US we act like we have nothing, but really we are living in one of the most wealthy areas of the world. A couple years ago I went to Brazil. I saw people living in houses bunched together with four walls and a flat roof. They looked like cardboard. Then a few yards away there was a huge mansion. I was devastated that they were living so close together.The rich would not help the poor get out of that position.

Here is another interesting thing that happened to me when I came back from Brazil. I walked into a Whole Foods market right in front it was filled very high with the largest variety of produce.Down every isle there was so many choices I was overwhelmed. I realized we have everything we could imagine. We are spoiled. So what are we complaining about?

One day I got a text from someone I didn't know, it said they had just been in a car accident and lost their car. They were devastated and were depressed. I explained that I didn't know who they were but I was sorry for their accident.I sent them this picture in the text back to them.They said thanks and we chatted a bit. I wonder how they ended up texting me but I knew it was to help them in some way.

I know deep down we all know how good we actually have it. We need a reminder every once in a while. Let's look at the big picture.Let's help those in need whenever we can. Let's be grateful for all we have.

Hands On is an organization I found where you volunteer to help others in your community. Check it out!

Have a great day, enjoy and be grateful for what you have.
I have this great bird picture, not sure who made it but it is cool! I love the swirls in the tree branch :)



  1. Chandra, you are so right. We are so rich. Thank you for the reminder to be grateful and to reach out to others who are in need. That's what this month is all about!
    I hope you are doing well. Looking forward to our next blog circle!

    1. Yeah I guess I jumped the gun, but this was brewing in me and I had to post, I'm sure I can find more things to be grateful for next week. Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. We live in a consuming society, with the focus on getting more, more, more. It's hard not to get caught up in that. Yet, doesn't the economy require extensive consumption to keep it going? It's confusing. I'm for keeping it simple, having less, and being grateful for what I have (but it is real hard I must admit, given all we have access to - we ARE so lucky). Reaching out to others is the best thing we can do. Good thoughts Chandra!

  3. I'm humbled by this fact that we're blessed with so many things in life. Thanks for sharing so beautiful thoughts and make us all think for a moment and give thanks :). Hugs.

  4. One of the many things I like about you is your voice. I appreciated your comment on my blog the other day, and this post of yours gives me even more food for thought.

    I lived in South America for a few months when I was 11, on a missionary compound. We ordered our food off a typed-up list and it came by canoe a week later. Coming home to the US after that few three months, I still remember how completely overwhelmed we all were that first grocery store visit. I totally get what you're saying!