Monday, September 24, 2012

Wire Wrap Rings- that's how I got my creativity back!

A little history for you. When I was a child my Dad was an Artist, my Mom did doodles and sewed many of our clothes, my Grandma did so many creative things, baking, sewing, drawing, made dolls, teddy bears and watercolor. I loved going to her house for creative time!
As I grew up my creativity diminished, here and there I would draw or make a card. Eventually I had two kids. I was working full time as a single parent. Struggling with no creativity at all but minimal art with young children at the school I worked. Both my parents had moved away from our home town. My Dad who is a College Art Professor was the closest so to help me out and give my son something fun to do he would go up to my Dad's house in Greeley Hill for the summers. Every summer he would learn a new creative project, building a tree house, watercolor, drawing, video making, card making, bookmarks, journals and more. But one summer about five years ago he came back making wire wrap rings. He came home with about thirty rings very well made and so cool! I was amazed. 
Here's one he made, don't tell him I told you :)

He was thirteen and so embarrassed. 
He was not embarrassed to take this pic at the time but would be now if he knew I was posting this.

He said, "Mom I will teach you how to make these and you can tell everyone that you made all these rings."
I said, " Great! Yes teach me"
I was so excited and happy to make something after such a long time of not being creative at all. He taught me and I enjoyed making them. They were different and new. I made many of them. But this sparked my creative spirit to soar. I made bracelets, joined a beading group and made collage, drawings and more. It has grown into a wonderful experience of expressing my creativity! You never know what will get you back into making a creative life for your self. What will get you creating again?

Here is my favorite heart flower ring that I made.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Inspiration from fellow Artists in my ecourse!

I am taking an ecourse from Kelly Rae Roberts! It is so amazing. I had been looking at the course for a while, wanting to take it but not finding the time or money. I finally got the courage to do it and here I am! 

I am so inspired by all the Artists that are in the course, they all have so much talent. I want to paint and draw and create all kinds of creative things. 

My son who is a wonderful Artist draws and does watercolor. He is one of those Artists that can pick up anything and make it look good. He was doing some drawing so I got out some paper a drew too. Soon this turned into drawing and painting with watercolor crayons. Water color crayons are so fun! You just color as if it was a crayon then you get a wet paint brush and go over it. The colors are bright, and its fun to see what the color will do on the page. Try it out? Inspired by my son and the women from my class. Here they are.

Fall Leaves

I love this lyric from one of my favorite bands The Weepies

I cut this one into a leaf shape, it kinda looks like a fish?
What inspires you? Have you tried using water color crayons or pencils? 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall is slowly slipping in and summer fading away.

This morning as I had my breakfast with apple butter it made me feel like Fall is in the air! The smell of cinnamon, pumpkin, apple, pear, figs. Cooking again. I love to bake. Cookies, pies, cakes and more.
When the air cools and the clouds are scattered in the sky, it's time to start up the oven. Warm up the house. The other thing about fall that I love is...
I love the colors of the leaves. They make me smile. :) When I see them I want to jump and play and run! I think of romance. Writing poems on a leaf and giving it away.
Cozy cuddles by a fire with hot chocolate and a soft blanket. Listening to classical music or jazz. Talking about whatever comes to mind. Sitting in silence, reading a book. Relaxing. When fall comes around I will be doing some of these things. Hopefully all of them. What do you think of the fall? Do you like the leaves? Are you a cuddle up by the fire person?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Getting the shop in order is fun!

I recently aqired a few things for The Cozy Craft Corner from a great friend Chris. A couple jewelry boxes, shelves and many stamps, and craft supplies. She has some great ideas for fun crafty things to do. Here are some pic's of the new look!
Some shelves are empty awaiting other Artists goods.

Wire Wrap display case and the table for classes and socials.

Grandma's chair!

Supplies and handmade cards.

My daughter and I covered the inside of this box so I put the foot thongs inside.

Handmade journals, my Mom made some!

This cute suitcase for a doll gets to display necklaces.
 Consignment and classes with other Artist coming soon!
             Let me know if your interested in participating in either one. Have a great day!

Wire Wrap Earrings!

Earrings are popping up in the shop! What kind of earrings do you like? I like the small ones. My daughter likes the long ones. 

I love these flowers!

Glass beads with pearls and an amethyst. 

These ones are called rain drops!

These are similar to ones I saw in Sundance Catalogue.

I made these with my Mom, taught her how to make them. She said, "I have an appreciation for what you do now."  The wire wrapping is tedious but they turn out nice.

Swarovski crystals with stars and hearts.

I have framed all the earrings in great old frames I stapled     chicken wire too. Clip them on and voila! A great display. 
Come into The Cozy Craft Corner and see for your self.