Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Weekend Fun

 My Valentine Girls! They are so cute.

 Taking a walk Daddy and Baby!

I made some delicious almond flour white bottom cupcakes on Valentine's Day. They were delicious, and gone in one day! Yummy.

Hope you had a great weekend!


Sunday, February 15, 2015

LB Creating a Dream Catcher with Rachael Rice + Affirmation Feather with Tam

 I personally am not a big fan of dream catchers. But I was so inspired by the awesome spirit of Rachael Rice! She is amazing, down to earth and cool!
So I tried.

I guess collage under every piece of art work is a popular theme for this year. It has been so far. I love collage but like I said before I like it just the way it is. Painting and drawing over  collage is hard for me. I understand it adds depth to the piece. It is starting to grow on me.

I enjoyed this lesson so much I made a card too! I gave it to my Mom for her Birthday. 

Tam also had a fun lesson painting a feather. I do love feathers! This was fun. I enjoyed letting the collage show. I even found in the book paper the word feather I accidentally painted the feather over it though. I like the swirls and the colors. I added a little purple around the edges.

Have a feathery day!


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine Day!

Valentine art I created in an altered book

 I love my family! Here is a peek into my family life.

Pic collage of my Hubby, Baby and Me

Fire for my love

Ruby my love
Eve and her love

Here is my oldest son and his girlfriend making crazy selfies with my phone that I found later.

Max and his love

umm seriously though MOM!
Jumping fun with Eve!
love the hair

delicious gluten free, agave sweetened heart cake

 Hope you have a romantic and happy Valentine's Day filled with lots of love!


Friday, February 13, 2015

LB Courage Dear Heart with Patti Billard

Collage is a fun thing for me in fact I liked this collage so much 
I had a hard time drawing a girl over it. 

collage and outline of the woman
When I draw women I somehow always make their body too big and end off cutting off their feet. So you can't see that she is a tight roper.
Here she is done. I tried to follow exactly her style of face. Not my style but it was good to try. I changed the colors a bit too because I felt purple and blue coming through.

Thanks for stopping by. 


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Beacon of Light from Life Book (LB)

I enjoyed this activity. Create a beacon of light. This being is guiding you in your life. I started out with drawing my Spiritual Guide. But I couldn't paint it for some reason. So I just sat and breathed and did the lesson trying to be my authentic self and look who appeared! Me. Actually the girl looks nothing like me because I was trying to copy Tam's girl. Then words like Intuition, Devine me and my word of the year Authenticity came into the picture. I added colors and stamps and she was created. My Beacon of Light!

Guru Sumate Buddha Heruka


Tuesday, February 10, 2015


 I was at the library with my wee one and discovered this great Valentines book.
" Hearts, Cupids and Red Roses The story of Valentines symbols" 
Edna Barth

it contains
How St. Valentine's Day Came to Be
Valentines in the Old World
Valentines Cross the Atlantic
True-Love Tokens
Enter Cupid
Valentine Love Birds
Hearts and Sweethearts
Roses are Red
Valentine Lace
Red, Pink and White
Valentine Goodies
and Stories and Poems for Valentine's Day

I found this neat puzzle purse in the section on "Valentines Cross the Atlantic."
Puzzle purse valentines were a puzzle to read and to refold. Scattered among their many folds were verses that had to be read in a certain order. 

The Rose was sacred to the Roman Gods. They laid on couches spread with rose petals. Wore garlands of roses and crowns of roses.
Reclining on their beds of roses, they ate, drank, and gossiped. Anything said under the rose -the rose garland hung on the wall or the rose crowns on their heads- was sub rosa, and supposed to be kept secret. Meaning under the rose, this Latin expression became part of the english language. 
Here I found a sheet of roses for you.

Cupid, God of Love.
Cupid a symbol of passionate, tender, or playful love who's arrows were invisible, his targets the hearts of mortals or gods. The victim would fall hopelessly in love.
Here are some hears with Cupid in them.

The most vital organ of living beings is believed to contain the soul. 

Did you know people of the Middle Ages thought that birds chose their mate on Valentine's Day?

Lace was something lovely to look at, soft, flattering and handmade, it was a popular trim for clothing. 

Paper lace was first made in England in 1834. One day by accident a file brushed over a sheet of paper embossed with a raised design. The high points of the paper were filed off, leaving tiny holes and a lace like effect.

 I love this picture of Margot Robbie. She looks like a Valentine. 

I enjoy making my own Valentine Cards. If you do too maybe you can use some of these free templates I found above. Happy creating!


Monday, February 9, 2015

Life Book (LB) week 3 with Joanne Sharpe Lettering

In Life Book week 3 with Joanne Sharpe was fantastic! I love lettering so this was my time to really go with her lesson and try something new with my lettering. I usually just write some words and add a bit to it. The way she taught us here was a whole new experience for me. My own lettering. Instead of the perfectionist lettering I try to do freehand, she taught us to use our own writing. So here it is...

My first attempt at her lesson.

I am not too fond of watercolor. I don't feel very confident with it. I tried her technique but I am such a perfectionist I had to fill in every space with watercolor and try to have the colors blend. So you can see there is no white accept for where the letters are. 

This one I made with my own style of drawing and lettering on a very good water color paper with twinkling h2o watercolors. I never did finish going over the black lines so they are a bit twinkly.

This is my third attempt. Still struggling with the watercolor letting go a bit, but my drawing was getting better. This was lot's of fun so much that I did not want to stop and probably if I had all the time in the world to paint I would have made a hundred of these. I'm certain I will make more. They are addictive.


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Life Book 2015

 Yes I am doing Life Book this year! 

Here is my warm up exercise given by Tam.
It was fun!

 I added my word for the year Authentic. This year I plan on being my authentic self. Being the true me, honoring me, letting me be me. Letting the real me be seen. Who know's what will arise but I feel it's really me. Creative, passionate, strong embracing my authenticity.