Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My DLP ( Documented Life Project) week 33, I'm finally getting a hold of this...

Week 33- use under paper. 

I use old maps as under paper, so this turned out fun!

This tip in is the back side of my under paper map with collage maps, circles and stamps.

 For this back ground I did some writing, releasing negative thoughts, and painted over it with acrylic paint and a credit card. 

I drew a woman on book paper and cut her out glued her on top, made an under paper shirt with an under paper flower. i then doodled on the paper and flower. The squares on the flower are part of the maps guide references, 

This is the inside of the tip in, the under paper map. I made some painted circles and cut them out, gluing them on. I drew words about happy and arrows going out of the circles, all over this page.

sorry his ones a bit blury

The calendar page was fun I cut up the under paper maps and made squares for the numbers and lines to divide the days.

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