Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Life changing events

Many things have happened to me during the last month. Life changing events. We found out we were pregnant. My boyfriend and I were not trying but had talked about having a child in the past. I already have two great children. I love babies so you could imagine how excited I was. Although I am older I figured I was in very good shape and healthy, so I would be able to have a healthy pregnancy. My last two went very well. We decide to get married. It would be the first time for me. I was happy. It meant real commitment and love. We had a beautiful small wedding at our Buddhist center. Our teacher married us and after we ate gluten free pizza and wonderful salads from a local restaurant. We stayed in a French Inn for the weekend. The next week I had a miscarriage, more about this later, and now Christmas. I love Christmas! I found this coloring book that has doodles to color and fill in. "The Usborne book of drawing doodling and coloring for Christmas." So I colored a page. Here it is. My daughter colored two pages and my son's girlfriend colored one. My son drew pictures of his own. We had a good time. Now I am getting ready for holiday goodies. Making lots of fun homemade gifts. The best kind. You know love went into them. Happy gift making everyone!