Thursday, June 13, 2013

Creative Spark!

Thanks to Kristen from Twinkle Twinkle  I am inspired with a creative spark to make art, jewelry and whatever comes to mind, in color. She is hosting "Summer of Color Artists Choice 2013" every week she has a poll on color combos and we all vote then make something creative with the colors. This is the first week.

 The colors are-

Citron Green & Turquoise.

I decided to make an art piece.

I started with a gelli print I had made last month in my shop. It had some of the colors as you can see.

I added this Dylusions spray in citron green and used this beautiful Lumiere sparkly dark turquoise.

 Shelf liner from the kitchen is great for texture.

I also used a circle punchinella with the spray.

I got paint all over my fingers looks like mermaid skin.

I used these supplies. I love the Lumiere metallic to make a turquoise to paint this paper for the blind it has such neat texture bumps. 

I cut this paper up into circles and funny swirly shapes.

This was my watercolor paper I used underneath the others to avoid paint on my desk. It turned out neat so I used it as the background paper.

I then glued all the shapes down. I drew a woman and flowers on the circles as well as a bird wheel, waves, and a little boarder.

I randomly drew some cards from my Wayne Dyer inner wisdom deck and these lovely sayings came to me. I have had some things in my life that appeared to be problems but I realized they were my negative thoughts. These quotes really drove it home to me. Above her head it says-
" I work on my problems, and release them." 
In the swirl it says-
"Anything that bothers you is only a problem within only you can experience it and only you can correct it." 
I had more words but I wasn't sure where to put them so I laid them down all over the place trying to find the right composition.
They landed on the gelli print-
" I trust the perfection of the universe."
Send out love and harmony, put your mind and body in a peaceful place, and then allow the universe to work in the perfect way it knows how."

Finally it came together I outlined the words and added the word TRUST to the bottom as a reminder that whatever is happening in my life I can trust it has a lesson and meaning. My thoughts about it might not be true and so I should question those and try to stay positive. Art does heal! :)

This is so fun I can't wait to see what next weeks color is, my guess is it might be watermelon and tangerine? These sound like wonderful colors. 

Have a great day!

I love your comments :) thanks for leaving them!


  1. smashing mixed media piece. Happy SOC, Annette x

  2. Oh that's wonderful. Excellent work and thank you for the step by step.

  3. Inky fingers are a sure-fire way to know you've had fun :) Hadn't thought of using shelf-liner for texture. Thanks for the idea.

  4. I enjoyed my visit and seeing the step by step layout... the finished result is wonderful as well... happy SoC xx

  5. WOW, Chandra!!. I LOVE everything about these journal pages!!. Even the mermaid shimmering skin on your fingers :). Wonderful quote, I believe in this too, so uplifting :).

  6. Chandra! Your art journal pages are amazing and I LOVE how you work on your problems and release them!!!! Such a wonderful message to convey! I really like how you used the colors, too!

  7. Wow that's a pop of color. Love it. I laughed when I saw your painted fingers, I do that all the time. Gotta love painty fingers =)

  8. Bright and've gotta love paint on your hands right...x

  9. So beautiful - great colors and texture, all those layers paid off!

  10. A gorgeous page, I love seeing the process and how it all came together. Great use of the colour combination. :)

  11. Love how you started with a gelli print but then added to it! Your art journal pages turned out so bright and happy! So glad you shared this with the party! (Trust is a very important word for me too!)

  12. Well, this is just wonderful! I love seeing your progress shots (and that hand shot is so pretty ;) and how it all came together. LOVE that you used meditation cards as part of your page too. Wonderful colors, textures and sentiments. Thank you for playing along, xoxo

  13. Great use of a gelli print - I just got one and can't wait to start trying some of the ideas in Carolyn's party....what a fun toy!