Tuesday, February 10, 2015


 I was at the library with my wee one and discovered this great Valentines book.
" Hearts, Cupids and Red Roses The story of Valentines symbols" 
Edna Barth

it contains
How St. Valentine's Day Came to Be
Valentines in the Old World
Valentines Cross the Atlantic
True-Love Tokens
Enter Cupid
Valentine Love Birds
Hearts and Sweethearts
Roses are Red
Valentine Lace
Red, Pink and White
Valentine Goodies
and Stories and Poems for Valentine's Day

I found this neat puzzle purse in the section on "Valentines Cross the Atlantic."
Puzzle purse valentines were a puzzle to read and to refold. Scattered among their many folds were verses that had to be read in a certain order. 

The Rose was sacred to the Roman Gods. They laid on couches spread with rose petals. Wore garlands of roses and crowns of roses.
Reclining on their beds of roses, they ate, drank, and gossiped. Anything said under the rose -the rose garland hung on the wall or the rose crowns on their heads- was sub rosa, and supposed to be kept secret. Meaning under the rose, this Latin expression became part of the english language. 
Here I found a sheet of roses for you.

Cupid, God of Love.
Cupid a symbol of passionate, tender, or playful love who's arrows were invisible, his targets the hearts of mortals or gods. The victim would fall hopelessly in love.
Here are some hears with Cupid in them.

The most vital organ of living beings is believed to contain the soul. 

Did you know people of the Middle Ages thought that birds chose their mate on Valentine's Day?

Lace was something lovely to look at, soft, flattering and handmade, it was a popular trim for clothing. 

Paper lace was first made in England in 1834. One day by accident a file brushed over a sheet of paper embossed with a raised design. The high points of the paper were filed off, leaving tiny holes and a lace like effect.

 I love this picture of Margot Robbie. She looks like a Valentine. 

I enjoy making my own Valentine Cards. If you do too maybe you can use some of these free templates I found above. Happy creating!


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