Monday, February 9, 2015

Life Book (LB) week 3 with Joanne Sharpe Lettering

In Life Book week 3 with Joanne Sharpe was fantastic! I love lettering so this was my time to really go with her lesson and try something new with my lettering. I usually just write some words and add a bit to it. The way she taught us here was a whole new experience for me. My own lettering. Instead of the perfectionist lettering I try to do freehand, she taught us to use our own writing. So here it is...

My first attempt at her lesson.

I am not too fond of watercolor. I don't feel very confident with it. I tried her technique but I am such a perfectionist I had to fill in every space with watercolor and try to have the colors blend. So you can see there is no white accept for where the letters are. 

This one I made with my own style of drawing and lettering on a very good water color paper with twinkling h2o watercolors. I never did finish going over the black lines so they are a bit twinkly.

This is my third attempt. Still struggling with the watercolor letting go a bit, but my drawing was getting better. This was lot's of fun so much that I did not want to stop and probably if I had all the time in the world to paint I would have made a hundred of these. I'm certain I will make more. They are addictive.


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