Sunday, February 15, 2015

LB Creating a Dream Catcher with Rachael Rice + Affirmation Feather with Tam

 I personally am not a big fan of dream catchers. But I was so inspired by the awesome spirit of Rachael Rice! She is amazing, down to earth and cool!
So I tried.

I guess collage under every piece of art work is a popular theme for this year. It has been so far. I love collage but like I said before I like it just the way it is. Painting and drawing over  collage is hard for me. I understand it adds depth to the piece. It is starting to grow on me.

I enjoyed this lesson so much I made a card too! I gave it to my Mom for her Birthday. 

Tam also had a fun lesson painting a feather. I do love feathers! This was fun. I enjoyed letting the collage show. I even found in the book paper the word feather I accidentally painted the feather over it though. I like the swirls and the colors. I added a little purple around the edges.

Have a feathery day!


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