Monday, October 8, 2012

Pendants and Stones

Green Agate
This green pendant is the original way I learned wire wrapping pendants. It is clean around the edges and swirly at the top. has a small bail.
 I have recently been doing this new wire wrapping style. A friend of mine had an earring that was made similar to these and so I tried it. It is a bit too much for me. But it is fun to make! I like swirling the wire around the edges and adding beads. What style do you like? I love using real stones. I found this green and purple stone and fell in love with it. The red jasper is so earthy, grounding. Can you guess what stone the green and purple one is?
Bostwana Agate
Red Jasper
Bostwana Agate
Can you guess what stone this is?


  1. Such pretty wire work! You should do a tutorial on wire baskets! I am still trying to get this style down, but your's are amazing! Btw, I asked another blogger who does a lot of wire wrapping to join the group - Alicia Marinache. And my guess on that last stone .... watermelon tourmaline?

    1. Ruby Fushite I just found out when I went to a bead show. That had more of the stone so I wrote down the name this time. Cool right! Ruby yay!

  2. Oh, gosh, your wire work is beautiful -- I've always wondered how it was done! There's no way I could even bend wire in a circle, let alone make it flow like the currents so smoothly and gracefully. Gorgeous!

  3. Thanks :) yes anyone can join the group wire wrap. My Mom bought this stone and I have looked all over for the name of it. I am happy with watermelon tourmaline. I will work on a tutorial.
    Thanks so much for your comments. It's great to get feedback. I do these all day long and make so many that they all look bland to me. It helps to have others perspectives. :)