Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Beautiful beads turned into a mixed media necklace!

Beautiful beads I have gathered around this lovely pendant face by Beadfreaky on Etsy.

Here is what was in my bead tray! Garnets, yellow pearls, green and brown agate, a silver heart, buttons, glass beads, teardrop glass beads, silver seed beads, stars, sweet little silver beads. Wire and other fun things. I wanted to try creating whatever came to mind...

 I got to bending the wire and making the pendant. I wanted to try adding some material this yellow was just right. It looked like hair. The wire wanted to wrap around to look like orbiting planets so I added a few beads, spirals and screws.

 It all started coming together. I added the button and star wrapping the beads. Then this piece popped out at me and said, "Add me!     It reads Create & Be Inspired!    Perfect for this necklace. I had been wanting to try wrapping a pendant that connects on both sides. It worked! Stringing the garnets and silver seed beads was next. I added a few of the green and brown agate they are cut to sparkle!

Here is the finished product a mixed media necklace.

Have a great day!


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