Thursday, October 4, 2012

Inspirational Words

For some reason I can't add photos lately. I really wanted to post something with photos all week...after trying many times on various computers I gave into the fact that it cant be done. Bummed about that!  Only inspiring words today.  I have a book I've been reading

Make Your Creative Dreams Real by Sark.

This morning I decided to just open the book wherever and look what I found!

"Inspiring people are all around us, just waiting to be engaged."

"The fact is, we are all capable of being inspired and inspiring."

"Creative dream making involves movement."

"Willingness has the ability to move without words."

"What are you willing to do or be for your creative dreams?"

Very helpful quotes from Sark today! Thanks to her openness in sharing her way of growing creative. Tonight I am taking a free writers call with her to see if I want to take her course WINS.  I have always wanted to write children's books. My son and I have talked about him doing the illustrations and me writing the story. So hopefully with willingness and movement I will get some courage and step up to the book writing for children. I received an email newsletter from Kate Richbourg today with her signature and a link to her blog. We can make that at home I was so excited to see she was local and that I could find inspiring people around me. I also found a workshop already past but very inspiring locally as well. Then I found some other local jewelry artists from that. How cool! Some movement in creativity. Willingness and inspiration. What are your dreams?

One last quote- "You don't have to be tall to see the moon." African Proverb

We can make that at home


  1. Thanks for those quotes fellow Flyer!! Just what I needed today....and...I will be linking to your blog on October 18th! :O)

  2. Oh good! :) cool your linking to me on the 18th. I better check that out again, I forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me. Happy soaring!

  3. Lovely blog post Chandra, I hope you are enjoying the class as much as I am .

    1. Thanks! :) I am enjoying it so much, happy soaring!