Thursday, October 11, 2012

Interview with Barbara Lentz

I met Barbara Lentz affectionately known as Babs or BabbieLynn through Flying Lessons with Kelly Rae Roberts. I asked if she would mind giving me an interview since I am just starting out in the same business and she said yes!  So, here is my first interview for the The Soaring Artist's in Flying Lessons.

 BabbieLynn  has a very successful Botique Gallery in Florida. She started her jewelry making career in 1995. She received a gift of a name bracelet with her children's three names on it and decided she could make it herself. She soon started her own jewelry line and home jewelry parties. In 2003 she opened her own store Art-Sea Living.
Recently her life has changed dramatically since her sister passed away a couple of years ago. She was her best friend. She says, "I have learned to enjoy the little things, the happy things and I have figured out that stressing over anything in not worth it. Everything is temporary in life, including life itself.

Q: What kind of Art or Jewelry do you make?
A: I design jewelry and remix vintage jewelry. Lately I have not been making jewelry much. I've been painting more and mixed media. I am a fun Artist...not fine Artist. I like Art-ing and Craft-ing. I am just getting back into my Art since this class with Kelly Rae Roberts. I let business take over my creative side and I am coming back around.

Q: What inspires you to do Art and Jewelry?
A: I am around Artists and Art all day long. I love to look at beading magazines and go to Antique shows and look at old pieces of jewelry.

Q: How did your business come about?
A: I started my home parties. Started selling a lot of jewelry. I was asked by a store owner to sell my jewelry  and I was actually in the end of a long divorce and a bit lost. I decided to sell my own jewelry in my own shop. I opened it the same year I got my divorce! 2003

Art-Sea Living Shop
Q: Have you taught your Art and Jewelry to others? What classes do you offer or have you offered in the past in your shop?
A: Yes, I teach basic and advanced beading here and there, Wine Glass Painting, and kids Art/ Craft classes. I have lots of Artists teaching jewelry and all kinds of classes in the shop. Watercolor, Acrylics, Mosaics, Fused Glass, Beading, Sewing, Art Quilting, Knitting, Sculpting, Mixed Media, Pottery...

Q: When did your Business start to earn profit? Business always changes how has yours evolved over the years?
A: When I moved my shop to a different location. After about six years. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! I started as just a gallery selling handmade items. There was not enough money in that. I added a studio and started teaching. Added more merchandise from different Merchandise Marts. I have another great idea brewing. Keep all your ideas in a folder! Never throw them out.

Q: What advice would you give someone just starting out?
A: Dream big. Get on Social Media, Blogging, Etsy, Ebay. Help others in business and don't be afraid to do that. Don't worry about competition, be the absolute best YOU can be. There is not another YOU. No one can compare. Give your customer the best experience of their life with You.

Q: Are you a mentor to anyone? Are you active in your community?
A: Yes, I am a mentor. Yes, I was on the Art's Commission for many many years in Boynton Beach. Recently I've decided to work on my own shop. I also have fundraisers for different charities and donate to local schools Auctions and Fund raisers. This October I am having a Solo Exhibit for Breast Cancer Awareness and proceeds will be donated.

Q: Do you encourage other Artists in any way?
A: I consign Art and love working with new Artists just coming on the scene. I like to encourage them and help them figure out prices and where they should promote themselves. I represent 65 Artists today. I LOVE THE BUSINESS OF ART AND THE ART OF BUSINESS!

Thank you so much for a wonderful interview Babs! 

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 I am exited to share these interviews with Alisa Steady. She has interviewed Tara Catalano another fellow flyer!


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  3. This was lovely and fun to do. Thank you for the opportunity! Call on me anytime. I'm here for you. Thanks!! Babs

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