Monday, September 24, 2012

Wire Wrap Rings- that's how I got my creativity back!

A little history for you. When I was a child my Dad was an Artist, my Mom did doodles and sewed many of our clothes, my Grandma did so many creative things, baking, sewing, drawing, made dolls, teddy bears and watercolor. I loved going to her house for creative time!
As I grew up my creativity diminished, here and there I would draw or make a card. Eventually I had two kids. I was working full time as a single parent. Struggling with no creativity at all but minimal art with young children at the school I worked. Both my parents had moved away from our home town. My Dad who is a College Art Professor was the closest so to help me out and give my son something fun to do he would go up to my Dad's house in Greeley Hill for the summers. Every summer he would learn a new creative project, building a tree house, watercolor, drawing, video making, card making, bookmarks, journals and more. But one summer about five years ago he came back making wire wrap rings. He came home with about thirty rings very well made and so cool! I was amazed. 
Here's one he made, don't tell him I told you :)

He was thirteen and so embarrassed. 
He was not embarrassed to take this pic at the time but would be now if he knew I was posting this.

He said, "Mom I will teach you how to make these and you can tell everyone that you made all these rings."
I said, " Great! Yes teach me"
I was so excited and happy to make something after such a long time of not being creative at all. He taught me and I enjoyed making them. They were different and new. I made many of them. But this sparked my creative spirit to soar. I made bracelets, joined a beading group and made collage, drawings and more. It has grown into a wonderful experience of expressing my creativity! You never know what will get you back into making a creative life for your self. What will get you creating again?

Here is my favorite heart flower ring that I made.


  1. Hi, Chandra. I am happy to know about your blog. It is beautiful! I am also taking Flying Lessons and am in the blog circle, so I'll be seeing you around!

  2. Oops :) thanks Janice, good to see you here! Happy flying :D

  3. Hello there! A fellow Flyer here as we'll! Love your post. I too was a single mom for quite a while with no real time for sewing, painting or much recreational creativity. But now, years later I am happily remarried and a not so happy empty nester! Wow does time go by fast or what!? Anyway, as life would have it there is now plenty of time to get into all that awesome, fun creative stuff that had been dormant in me for so long! I'm loving Flying Lessons and all the awesome creative inspiration there! Your rings are great! I see that you make delicious gluten free food. I just recently found out that I have a wheat sensitivity that is not pretty and have to avoid it! Being new to this I am scouring the Internet for wheat free recipes! If you have any really good ones for bread and or pizza crust that you could share I would be so grateful!! Happy Flying to you too :)

  4. Hi Shelly,

    Sounds like we're in the same boat! It's good to be creative again! My favorite gluten free cookbook is " the Gluten Free Almond flour Cookbook by Elana Amsterdam! She has the best pizza crust and bread. I use coconut, almond and rice flours for baked goods. My husband does not do carbs so recently I have cut out the rice and just used almond. I really missed waffles but recently made her pancake recipe and it worked they didn't fall apart. Yay! I've experimented with coconut flour as well and it is very thick so you only need a little bit. We use a cookbook called Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson for the coconut flour recipes. Thanks for checking out my blog! Happy Flying to you! Good luck with the gluten free diet. It's not so bad, a healthy change :)

    1. Thank you for the tips! I just ordered a coconut flour cook book from Amazon, so excited to get it in the mail. I will let you know how it is! I miss waffles too, going to check out your recipe suggestions for sure! I actually feel really good since changing my diet, same for my husband. It's really not that hard once you realize how much healthier you really are because of it :) and, thank goodness for the Internet which makes finding good food, recipes and support readily available. Have a fabulous day!
      Shelly Jack

    2. Awesome! Happy cooking :) the Internet is a wonderful source for healthy cooking.
      Enjoy! I have two great muffin recipes if your interested. I'll get them to you.
      Have a great weekend!

  5. Hi Chandra, Love the wire wrapping. I never tried to make rings. I also too Flying Lessons, the first time she taught it, and got so much out of the course. Are you taking it now? She is such a sweet person. The things she shares just really resonate with me. I am a huge fan. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am off to search through yours. Love the wordless Wednesdays idea...

  6. Hi Karan,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes,I am taking Flying lessons this is the last one she is giving. It's very cool! She is so creative and helpful. The 500 women taking the course are so supportive. We have a huge creativity art group building from all over the world.
    There is a group you can join that does Wordless Wednesday. Unfortunately I joined last week but I am having problems posting pics at this time.
    Hopefully next week. I can figure it out.
    Thanks for searching :)