Saturday, September 22, 2012

Inspiration from fellow Artists in my ecourse!

I am taking an ecourse from Kelly Rae Roberts! It is so amazing. I had been looking at the course for a while, wanting to take it but not finding the time or money. I finally got the courage to do it and here I am! 

I am so inspired by all the Artists that are in the course, they all have so much talent. I want to paint and draw and create all kinds of creative things. 

My son who is a wonderful Artist draws and does watercolor. He is one of those Artists that can pick up anything and make it look good. He was doing some drawing so I got out some paper a drew too. Soon this turned into drawing and painting with watercolor crayons. Water color crayons are so fun! You just color as if it was a crayon then you get a wet paint brush and go over it. The colors are bright, and its fun to see what the color will do on the page. Try it out? Inspired by my son and the women from my class. Here they are.

Fall Leaves

I love this lyric from one of my favorite bands The Weepies

I cut this one into a leaf shape, it kinda looks like a fish?
What inspires you? Have you tried using water color crayons or pencils? 

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