Saturday, September 15, 2012

Getting the shop in order is fun!

I recently aqired a few things for The Cozy Craft Corner from a great friend Chris. A couple jewelry boxes, shelves and many stamps, and craft supplies. She has some great ideas for fun crafty things to do. Here are some pic's of the new look!
Some shelves are empty awaiting other Artists goods.

Wire Wrap display case and the table for classes and socials.

Grandma's chair!

Supplies and handmade cards.

My daughter and I covered the inside of this box so I put the foot thongs inside.

Handmade journals, my Mom made some!

This cute suitcase for a doll gets to display necklaces.
 Consignment and classes with other Artist coming soon!
             Let me know if your interested in participating in either one. Have a great day!


  1. Your shop looks darling! I am so obsessed with that blue color right now! I recently used it in a Saturday Market set up! Very, very attractive and think your earrings are gorgeous!

    1. I agree that sea foam green/ blue color is my favorite and fit right in to the shop. It was fun setting up. :) thanks for your comment Kelli!