Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The wreath shop with flowers hanging to dry.

We made head dresses of flowers.

Robin liked the cows!
The pyramid, Evangeline is at the top in a blue tank top.
This weekend we attended the Hoe's Down festival at Full Belly Farm. We drove into the farm, into a line to get in. There were thousands of happy farm goers there. As we waited in line Robin said, " oh I know what it means now!" "What?", I said. He answered, " The Hoe's in Hoe's Down means they put their Hoe's down and have a party." We all laughed, myself, Evangeline, and Gillian( by the way, I love this name!) As we pulled in we were so excited to be on the farm and also out of the car after a long, over an hour drive. We proceeded to find the activities, while walking along the orchard we found some fig trees. The girls ran to find figs that were ripe. We all ate many of them, they were wonderful! Nothing better than fresh off the tree fruit! We continued our walk through the orchard. the girls tried to find out what kind of trees they were. Gillian said they were walnuts. Indeed she peeled the skin and stepped on the cover and out popped a walnut in it's shell. She stepped on it again to discover a delicious walnut and shared it with us all. Robin picked some too. They were good, fresh and moist. As we approached the festival we saw pumpkins, and many vendors selling all kinds of crafts. There was a kids area that had a huge hay bale pyramid with tunnels inside. The girls ran to it climbing right to the top! They hid from each other, they chased each other and had a great time. We made head dresses, the girls painted gourds and saw the circus act. Then we went in a weed maze and carved pumpkins then we saw a story telling magician. The girls fell asleep in the car on the way home.  It was a fun time on the farm!

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