Saturday, August 3, 2013

Twinkling Butterflies

butterfly on mixed media paper

I am having the time of my life painting with my twinkling h2o watercolors! Thanks to Dion Dior. Look at these butterflies! I can tell you before my version of a butterfly was sloppy and more spread out. I like how she taught us to overlap the wings. 

ATC on card stock
Part of our color lesson is to make ATC's. I love ATC's as you know and even have a group where we send them to each other in the US and abroad. I added some zentangle into this butterflies wings.

ATC on card stock
 I love the polka dots on this one's body

the start of a twinkling watercolor butterfly with no pen outline 
  I tried to see if I could mix the colors in the wings but the mixed media paper does not let them blend so easily. The paint just absorbs into the paper. 

twinkling butterfly blending

The colors blended much better in this butterfly because it was on very good mixed media paper in the Stillman & Birn Beta Series notebook. I will work on outlining these later today. 

Happy Arting!


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