Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bead Soup Blog Party, Partner Reveal and Soup!

You might be wondering why I have these funny looking pictures here? Well I joined the Bead Soup Blog Party put on by Lori Anderson and just received my partner. She can't know what my bead soup looks like quite yet. So it is under disguise.

This one reminds me of Tron

I have to say I had a fun time putting the soup together especially for my partner, it has lots of fun goodies! But I had a super fantastic time making these pictures of the soup so you can't really tell what they are. I love photo apps!

Meet my bead soup swap partner Charlie, she is so cool! She makes metal clay jewelry pieces and pottery. I asked her a few questions about herself, here is what she said.

What's your favorite jewelry piece to make?

I am not sure I have a favorite; I just enjoy being in my studio creating. I do find that when I am designing finished jewelry I tend to gravitate towards necklaces, but I think that is mostly because there is so much "space" to work with on a necklace.  I am trying to break this habit and get into creating other things, like bookmarks and cocktail rings.

Change it up for your disguised bead soup 

Do you make your own beads?

I wish I could make all of my beads, that would certainly make me well rounded.  I do make metal clay and ceramic beads.  I tend to stay with base metals in metal clay because I am an experimenter and base metal clay is much cheaper to "waste".  On the other hand, the ceramic beads I tend to keep a bit on the modern side, very clean lines, simple, and few colors.

I think this one most people used.

 What is your job? 

Well, I feel like I have many jobs...I work full time as an engineer in the space industry, so I can bring home the bacon.  At night I work on my ceramics and metal clay, a much needed break after the stress of my day job.  On the weekends, I spend time with family or I am at my B&M store Indie Chic teaching metal clay or hosting ceramic parties.

I couldn't resist putting them all on here.

It's fun to be different!

Do you have a family? 

I have a husband, who is also an engineer.  I am not sure how he survives honestly; but he is quite frequently the brains behind the operations.  He is really good at making my ideas come to fruition; something I am very grateful for.  

I also have another man in my life, my two year old son Caleb.  Some days I am lucky and he helps me in the studio, other days its a matter of survival against the terrible twos!  He is a total hoot and he has quite the personality; I love hanging out with him and watching him absorb everything.  

I suppose I should mention my two dogs as well; Asher, a Siberian Husky, and Rocket, a Golden Retriever.  Both are rescue dogs and both are characters. 

The male gender outnumbers me significantly...but I wouldn't change anything about my family. 

If you want to know more about Charlie check out her blog Clay Space

This space one is my favorite! 

I can't wait to get my bead soup from Charlie and start making jewelry with it! 
Thanks Charlie for being my partner and I hope you love the soup I'm sending you!
Happy Bead Soup Blog Party!


Thanks everyone for stopping by I always love your comments!


  1. stopping in visiting all the blogs for the bead soup blog party! good look with the challenge!

  2. I love the way you manipulated the photos to disguise the beads...very fun! I enjoyed the interview with Charlie. It's always fun to hear about the lives of other artists. Have a happy day, Chandra!

  3. I'm trying to visit as many of the blogs as I can in the blog party. Can't wait to see what you've gotten in the mail from your partner and the unscrambled version of your own bead soup!