Thursday, January 31, 2013

Heart Your Art!

                                      Love is in the air...
pink heart wire and pearl bracelet
Well today as an Artist Date from The Artists Way, I ended up making many hearts out of wire! I love hearts they make me happy they remind me of love and loving others and giving! As you can see I really went to town with them...

I started with bracelets. I like thick bracelets so I thought I would add some hearts to a freestyle wrapped bracelet.

red heart wire and pearl bracelet

 I think they look better on the wrist but here are some pic's of them on the counter.

Then I started making rings with tiny hearts out of the large wire and small wire and a bead. I like how they turned out. I wrapped them many times to make the band thick.

 I named them Heart your art rings because I was thinking about how my daughter wrote heart the art on my Birthday card this year. I thought it was so clever. These rings are to wear when you make your art. Whenever you go to create something you can put this on to remind yourself it's your time to let go,  enjoy and paint, make jewelry or express yourself in any of your creative arts.

Heart Your Art Rings!

I like this black glass bead with the flowers in it!

They are all different in their own way, color, wraps and stones. This one has a swarovski crystal in it.

 This one has the red and blue wire with a blue pearl in the middle.

I'm sure I'll be making many more in the near future. If your interested in buying one just leave me a message. I will get back to you about it. I am not going to sell them on etsy at the moment. I can custom make one for you as well if you like certain colors.

Have a lovely day!

I always love your comments! Thanks for leaving them :)


  1. These rings are really fun and I love the variety of stones you use for the centers!

    1. Thanks Karla they are fun! I like the stones in the center too. Heart your art!

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  3. Lovely rings. I am really impressed. I love that heart model.

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  4. Totally gorgeous rings & bangles. LOVE LOVE LOVE. My favorite is the top bangle, so sweet!