Friday, December 21, 2012

Inspirational Card Deck Swap

Here is what my Inspirational cards turned out like.

Here is the group of them all together. 

I had so much fun making my 52 Inspirational Cards and sending them to Jessica Brogan from her web site In Search of Dessert! She has created the most wonderful swap for this. If you click the link to her name above you will go to her blog where she has posted two tutorials on how to make the cards. Jessica told me recently that The Inspiration Card Deck Swap will be featured in a magazine soon. 
I received my deck of 52! I am so excited. It seems every time I look at them I see something new. It is so fun and every day I can draw a new one and reflect on the quote it has. The art is amazing. A big thank you to all the artists who participated in this swap. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Now Jessica is having another Inspirational Card Deck  for the families effected by the Sandy Hook school tragedy. I am participating in this because I want to do something to help. I have already prayed for them now I can contribute something artistic. Bring joy into their lives with art. I look forward to this. I have created a yellow background with acrylic paint, sparkling finger paint and a snowflake stamp so far for it. We have all been sent a quote to put on each one of our cards. There are still some space left if your interested in joining this group in creating these for the families. I will post the pic's of them when I am done. 

Have a lovely day,

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