Monday, July 16, 2012

I am looking at decorating The Cozy Craft Corner located in Downtown Sacramento in French Country Shabby Chic style. We went yard sailing on Saturday and found a great chest for $25. 
This dresser looks kinda like the one I got at the yard sale but mine is yellow.
This inspired me to do the above mentioned style. I love the sea foam green color, yellow, purple and red. In looking for things in this style I found this cool french blog. It turns out she has combined it with another blog she had and has just the one now. It's 
I like how she has the days organized a certain way. 
Sunday~ Reflections
Monday~ Random Musings
Tuesday ~ In the Studio
Wednesdays ~ Through My Lens
Thursday's ~ French Find
Friday's ~ Food Feature
Saturday ~ Simple Pleasures
I think it would be fun to have something like this on my blog but not sure what yet. 

I am going today to look at paint colors. I found some french stencils on etsy I might get. But I also like the walls that have writing on them so instead of a design I might do words.
I like this color!

I like the color of this one, this is a color I want on the wall.
We will see how the shop turns out. I am looking forward to decorating and setting up. I officially have the shop spot as of  today! Yay!

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