Thursday, August 2, 2012

Yummy Peach and Berry Shortcake with no wheat or refined sugars!

Cut peaches up into small chunks add black berries.

Strawberries, cut them up in fours.

Strawberries and Shortbread!

Add fruit all together then put it on top of a shortbread cookie! Yummm!!!!!
This yummy treat is so easy and delicious. It has no sugar or wheat. The cookies have rice flour and agave nectar. The fruit is sweet enough as is. If you like you could make a delicious whip cream for the top. I usually make coconut whip cream. It's so easy just use the coconut milk in a can, put in the frig until the thick part of the coconut milk is on top ( maybe 20 Min) and you use only that part to mix with agave and vanilla. Whip it up and it tastes just like whip cream. We ate it so fast that I could not get a picture. Enjoy!

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