Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer of Color 4

has had The Summer of Color (SOC) challenge for the last 4 years.
I joined last year's and really enjoyed the challenges. They kept me busy, creating fun different pieces of art in the colors chosen in the challenge. I joined in every weeks challenge last year in order to win some great supplies in the colors used and to get some creativity out. I didn't win last year.This year even before SOC  started I won the very first random drawing! I was so excited to win because I never win these blog things. Here is what I won...

These acrylic pens are very cool! The ones in the package are fine point but the ones in the mug with Kristin's cool art, are wide and super fun to use. I can't wait to play around with them some more. I used my Pentel and Sakura pens as well as colored pencil on this weeks challenge.

 SOC 4 came and went for me. Every week I was looking forward to the new colors and making art. But life got in the way with babies, tween's and housework there was little time for doing art. So here I am posting weeks after. 

I loved making these! Zentangle mandala fun.
This one reminds me of the sea...

The colors for this challenge were...you guessed it!
 Aqua blue, yellow and a smudge, splash or pop of hot pink.

This one reminds me of a carousel.

Here they are as I drew them together on the paper.

I'm linking up to SOC 4 if you want to see the other entrees. 

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