Saturday, August 9, 2014

My bags filled with...Happy Mail!

I am doing The Documented Life Project (DLP). Within this group we are sending Happy Mail (HM). I picked 22 people from the list to receive my HM. Here is the contents of the envelope's.

Here are the envelopes with tissue paper and gelli prints.

Here are the painted and sprayed fronts complete with doodles.

Here are the first two HM packages I received on the same day. Wow! Look at all these goodies I can use in my DLP!

Here goes my HM to the post office.

Soon after I sent these I received another HM, Yay! It is so fun getting this beautifully colored mail!

Hearts and flowers!

 Then another...I wonder what the mail carrier thinks?

I love this envelope! And the contents were super amazing! A handmade mini book, sewn tags and painted goodies. Iv;e gotten a few now with little bags or envelopes so cute!

 I got so many that I made a box for all of the wonderful Happy Mail.

I was inspired by one HM who sent a drawing of a woman on book paper. So I got out my altered book  and started drawing.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. What an awesomely fun project to be a part of! Very cool. Love seeing your work as you get ready to send out HM. :D

    1. It is fun! I love going to the mail box and seeing the beautiful envelopes! All of these I sent out all sent happy mail to me. It's super fun!

  2. OH Wow! That is so so cool! I love what you sent and received. Must make going to the mailbox a thill!
    Thank you too for your sweet message about Life Book! I'm thrilled to be a part of it - I've been a fan from the beginning and I know you'd love it! xoxo

    1. The mail box is so fun to go to when your receiving art! Thanks xxoo

  3. Awe, thanks again for your sweet message!! You've got me grinning big time! xoxo

    1. Your sweet thank you! So happy your smiling!