Monday, July 1, 2013

Metal Stamping Jewelry Pendants

I like the starts

I had a chance to meet with my beadup group. They had asked those of us who had metal stamping tools to bring and share them so everyone could give it a try. I had got these metal alphabet stamps a while back. They are fancy letters. When I got I gave it a go but, they didn't turn out so well. 

There's nothing like some creative energy from the women in this group to get things going.  It was a great time. There were books about how and what to make for reference and three sets of tools, we all had different stamps and blanks and hammers. 

sweet and simple

One woman had a brought a very nice metal dapping kit that made everything rounded. It had all the sizes. I have one but it's wooden and does not work as well with only four sides and is too soft so it takes a very long time to get a good shape. I loved her dapping tool. I rounded almost everything! It was so fast and easy.

small circles done with the doppler set

 There was a hammer that had lines and circles I used. The circle side just frustrated me because the texture was uneven and wouldn't come out clean. The line side worked out better I moved it all around to make some crisscrossed lines. I liked that look.

I love the little tiny ones

Here are almost all the pieces I made. I followed one of the books necklaces and started to make the one above it has beads covered in the copper wire. This is just half because I could not finish the right side due to time. One of the women brought in regular washers from Home Depot and so we stamped and rounded them.  They turned out so cool - I will wire wrap them and post about them later.

The entire time I was thinking about my Aunt who has suffered a brain aneurysm and has been in the ICU for a couple weeks. She loves dancing so I thought of how when she recovers she will dance again. Trust is a big thing right now for all of our family. Trusting in the universe that everything is in divine order. Smiling and laughter are essential in getting through this. And Love, we all love her so much and hope she does not have to suffer too long.

Have a great day!


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