Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dion Dior teacher of Mastering Twinks is so good!

my color wheel

I love my new class by Dion Dior called Mastering Twinks. It's full of fun activities as well as information on Twinkling H2O's, watercolor techniques, water color pencils, and all kinds of art tools! 

Twinkling H2O's are these fabulous sparkling iridescent watercolor paints. They have a thick consistency so they are different to use. Here is some of my creative play from the class. 

trying to play with the paint for the first time

seeing how the paint works by it's self and mixed with water

making circles and writing words

I've always wanted to make madala's  I tried but was not too successful. These I really enjoyed making.

Mandala play my first one

My circus or fair mandala

Third mandala I made

Then she wanted us to play with the colors, mixing them together. I loved this exercise so much I can't stop. Even my daughter saw me making one and wanted to make one of her own.

The first one I made I love dragonflies!

I made this one while in my mixed media play group

This one I made last night with my daughter who started one too

I love Dion Dior's art so much and I am so happy with this class. Check out her blog sometime.


  1. I love seeing all your work together here! So pretty!

  2. The color wheel immediately made my mind start churning out jewelry ideas! I love all your work, and as I've been scoping site after site after site for tattoo ideas, I fell in love with the mandalas!