Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentines Day Cards are so fun!

Valentines Day is quickly approaching so we must get on to making them! I have pulled together papers, ribbon, stickers, cards, card stock, envelopes, pens, doilies, heart punch, and fairy pictures for this years Valentines. First I saw this idea to make rings out of chocolate kisses and pipe cleaners. We tried this and it was so hard to wrap the pipe cleaners around the kiss. Eve struggled with it for a minute and said it is too hard. I tired it too and it was very hard after the 10th one or so I got a hang of it. I made them for her class and a huge one for her teacher. She loves chocolate!

So as I got ready to make the cards my daughter had another idea. She is going to teach a Valentine card craft class to all the children but actually it was only me. So she gets out her white board and red pen to write down all the things we are going to do. She had me making Valentines for her friends. She made some too. They had to say happy Valentines Day for the girls and for the boys Have a pumped up Valentines Day.

Then I made some of my own. It was great fun! To top all this off we had planned to make cupcakes for her schools dance as well. She was excited and made it into a cooking class. She put on her apron and went to work. Mixing the batter. It was a box cake because it was for the school. So easy peasy. She mixed the white cake and after pouring into the heart shaped cups, I squeezed the chocolate filling in the middle. She topped them off with more batter.
After all we turned out to have a great time and came up with some great cards.

Happy Valentines Day!

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