Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thorn's in my heart

Yesterday I felt like this! Thorn's in my heart. One after another pricking each part of my heart. Well maybe it was the other way around? Now that I look at this picture.  I can see the thorn's are sticking out. So maybe I was the pricking everybody else. Either way it did not feel very good. When I was a kid in the 70's we had a few tools called cold prickly and warm fuzzy.  Of course I always wanted to be a warm fuzzy. How do we feel like a warm fuzzy? With love and compassion, cherishing others. I was so concerned with myself and how I was being treated that I turned into a cold prickly. Anyone who spoke to me would be pricked and I would get pricked too. How could I possibly turn from a cold hearted frustrated prickly to a warm cozy fuzzy? I stopped thinking of myself and thought about all the other people who feel like cold pricklies. They hurt being pricked and pricking others. Just causing pain wherever they go. Compassion built in me and I realized others feel the way I do. It feels horrible. If we all felt like this we would harm each other pricking with every move. Slowly turning everyone into a cold pricklies. This is how life in samsara can be one pain after another. Trapped to feel cold pricklies all the time. It is our mind that causes us to do this from bad habits. But we can change our mind! Is this how we really want to live? I don't think so. What we really want is Love, support, kindness, happiness. We want to feel like a warm cozy fuzzy filled with love and happiness. So why do we keep hurting ourselves and others. Maybe we are attached to feeling this cold prickly way because it has been a habit forever. Either way I know I don't want to feel cold and prickly. Warm and fuzzy is so much better. I just read the story for the first time since I was a kid.  You can too if you like.... Warm Fuzzy Cold Prickly Story What I learned from re reading this story was that we can become easily swayed to think only of ourselves. This in turn destroys our life, makes problems for ourself and others. But if we think about others, have compassion for them and realize how we are hurting them and ourselves with this cold prickly attitude, we can wish them happiness or warm fuzzies and all will be well. So lesson learned. Always keep a supply of warm fuzzies in your bag!

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