Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Miracle's do they appear?

It would be great to make the theme of this year- Miracles. If you expect a miracle every day what would happen? The things we experience are here one minute and gone the next. Things that appear to our mind to be good or bad may be a miracle in disguise. If you expect a miracle you will see a miracle even in what appears to be a bad experience. There may be a miracle hidden inside ready to be discovered but if we are so caught up in the bad experience we will miss it. What kinds of miracles will we experience? Or miss because we chose not to see them? With the thought that we might experience a miracle every day we keep a happy mind always looking for the special experience to happen. What miracles have you seen in the Year 2011? What is a miracle and how do we see them? An unexpected experience good or bad. A friend of mine was driving and got a flat tire. Someone stopped to help, this person was meant to meet them and help them discover meditation classes. The classes changed their life in a positive way. Can you spot a miracle in your life or others? If you see life as an adventure, saying I wonder what will happen next? Let's see without any judgement. If you have a positive mind maybe the miracles will appear. Open up your heart and let the sunshine in, face it with a grin. Miracles happen weather your aware of them or not. It's your choice to see them or wear blinders and plug away at life. If you expect a miracle then maybe you will see one. It may not come in the way you would expect it to. It may surprise you. One day you will say wow that was a miracle. My theme of the year is expect a miracle!

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