Friday, May 30, 2014

Flyers Art Journal Swap (getting close to the end)

I am so excited because we are almost finished with our Journal Swap. We only have 2 more journals left and then we will have our own journals home and filled with amazing art from our fellow Flyer Artists. (we all took Kelly Rae Robert's class "Flying Lessons" together that's why were called flyers) There are several of us doing the swap. Here is the latest one I've been working on. It's Elizabeth's Journal. Cool cover isn't it?

I just put my hand to the paper and drew and this is what i came up with. It's a very creative process just go with the flow, let it all out. It's another form of meditation.


She likes dolphins.

Here is the whole page. I had a great time with this one. At the moment I can't do much because of the baby but one night I was able to slip this little bit of creativity in. It felt so good to let it out. 

It says,"When you feel it's lack of inspiration ride the waves of Art. Be Kind (to yourself) Be colorful and be free." 
Now to send it on to my Artist friend Sandy. 



  1. HOW fun! I love your page - and the idea! I bet your completed book will be amazing ;) Looking forward to having you play with the SOC too! xoxo