Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Shop closed now for new beginnings...

Bye Bye Shop! 

I gave away the keys to the shop today to some wonderful Artists. Three women who make art, jewelry and photos. They are now taking the dive into creative biz. I wish them all the best! 

Here's the baby bump growing fast! We just found out it's a girl! I am so happy now we can really get some names down. My daughter Evangeline is so happy to have a sister. She has already picked out her name although we don't all agree yet she thinks her name should be Alexis (Lexi) Miley. I vote for the old names like Vivian, Isabella, Hazel etc. 

Here's where I wish I could go to relax for a while. I was so busy moving my shop as you can see in the above picture. I had to put everything in bags instead of boxes so I could carry it all out with this big belly. I moved it all on my own with my husband and friend moving the one big piece of furniture and my husband in the end helping with the tables and chairs. It was hard I still have piles of stuff all over the house, and no where for it to go. I have also been busy volunteering for the meditation center. Just when I finally thought I could relax I can't, I have to figure out where to put all this leftover stuff and get a job.

I was going to start a face painting biz, I wanted to change my web site to parties, face painting, jewelry and crafts for children and adults. I did face painting as a tester at Evangeline's school Art Walk. This was fun and we raised just on donation $50- $25 for us and $25 for the school. But I guess it doesn't really pay the bills so I better find a regular job. I don't know if anyone will hire a pregnant woman but we will see. So I am on to new beginnings, another day another life. I am still going to have my Mixed Media Art Group every Thursday. And I will continue to make art, jewelry and such once I get my stuff organized. I have been baking some delicious chocolate cream pies, black bottom cupcakes, oatmeal cookies and lemon bars, yummy, all gluten and sugar free. So on life it goes... happy to have a baby girl coming and new things to do.

Have a wonderful day!


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  1. Congratulations Chandra! How exciting about your new little girl :) Good luck to you in all of your new adventures! Everything will work out in time :) Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing what's next :)
    Shelly Jack